10 Amazing Real-World Examples Of How Companies Are Using ChatGPT In 2023

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Simplifying the auditing process with conversational AI

examples of conversational ai

Chatbots are typically used to handle simple tasks or provide basic information to users. Hiring and training customer service examples of conversational ai agents are costly and time-consuming. These training and hiring costs can increase with the number of customers.

examples of conversational ai

In this phase, the chatbot’s performance is monitored, and the chatbot is retrained based on feedback to improve its accuracy and effectiveness. Conversational AI is also used to support commerce when used in search assistants. For example, staffing a customer service division can be very expensive, especially in the context of 24/7 support. This is because the chatbot will not have grown, developed, or learned in between conversations. Chatbots require specific input and have very little wiggle room for understanding the context of a conversation.

1 Introduction to AI assistants and their platforms

While both these technologies involve human-computer interactions, it is crucial to understand the nuances that set them apart. In this article, we will delve into the key differences between chatbots and conversational AI, shedding light on their distinct features and applications. For such organizations, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and the underlying low-code Power Platform is the right choice.

What is another name for conversational AI?

Chatbot, short for chatterbot, is an artificial intelligence (AI) feature that can be embedded and used through any major messaging application. There are a number of synonyms for chatbot, including ‘talkbot,’ ‘bot,’ ‘IM bot,’ ‘interactive agent’ or ‘artificial conversation entity.’

By embedding a conversational layer across its systems, hotels can provide better service to guests (who overwhelmingly prefer self-service) without having to invest in more labor resources. Chatbots were also often praised as a new, exciting interface for travel. The original vision was that a chatbot would be able to help streamline hotel searches and make it easier for travelers to find what they sought while on-property.

Fast processing of customer requests

So if you wish to be in the race to success, conversational AI is the way to maintain competition.

To most people, chatbots are communication tools that emulate conversation through an interface of pre-written responses. Answers are given based on the customer’s previous message or query, analysing for phrases and keywords related to issues and solutions common to the industry. However, using human resources to understand what techniques are effective and which agents are performing well means you can only cover a small portion of the thousands of conversations businesses have with their customers.

Their goal is to contact cold prospects and get them interested in the company’s products and services. By the way, HOAS customer service chatbot is a great example of how a bot can increase customer satisfaction score and help to build a stronger brand as well! https://www.metadialog.com/ Download HOAS chatbot project case study to learn more about how HOAS implemented and developed its chatbot. This kind of chatbot is used by businesses with advanced SaaS tools, as well as B2B companies providing enterprise solutions and online social platforms.

examples of conversational ai

Chatbots can also help customers find their category and the issue in which it falls. In a call, nearly 75 % of the time is devoted to manual research which can be used for value-based interactions examples of conversational ai as per a survey. AI-powered customer service is a viable way to make better data decisions. Every industry is now beginning to see the benefits of artificial intelligence and automation.

How is conversational AI used in business?

Conversational AI brings numerous benefits to the retail and service industries. It enables personalized recommendations, enhances customer support through chatbots, automates inventory management, optimizes pricing strategies, and facilitates targeted marketing campaigns.


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